Monday, July 1, 2013

"Miracles from Service"

Letter from July 1st (a little late)

It's' been a really excellent week!  We really had to sacrifice a lot this week because we are out of miles on our car.  I've never felt like such a hobo in my life!  It's fun though.  I almost like walking better because you get to talk with more people on the way to appointments.  I even got a referral to send to my last area!

I want to talk about Saturday though because we had SO many miracles on Saturday.  Sister Strong and I have been working so diligently in this area, but we haven't seen much success.  We have been especially praying for a family to teach.  On Saturday we didn't want to wear skirts so we decided to offer service to everyone all day.  We started with the cute home of the family that we live with.  There names are Brother and Sister Clark and they are so good to us!  I feel like I live with family.  We weeded their yard and washed their windows.  After that we walked to another member's home to offer service and helped them unload a trailer full of food supplies used for the youth trek that happened this week.  
By the time we finally finished doing service, there was only 2 hours of proselytizing left for the day.  A little discouraged, we put on our skirts and went to work!  To save e-mail time, I'm going to list all that happened:

1. We contacted a hard to reach less active
2. Got a ride for a less active to church
3. Got a ride for investigator to church
4. Received a referral for a family!!!
5. Contacted a referral

It felt like we were floating all the way home.  There are blessings that come from doing service.  I know it!  There were too many miracles to doubt that God was blessing us.  It may not seem like much to the reader, but any missionary knows that these are truly miracles!

Earlier this week we met with the family that had recently lost their brother.  We brought a member with us this time and that made all the difference.  I'm serious, members relate wayyy better than missionaries can sometimes.  We shared a scripture with them Alma 40:11 and talked about the Plan of Salvation.  The Spirit was so strong and I could tell that these sisters truly wanted to change and have God in their life.

Isn't it a blessing to have the knowledge of the Plan of Happiness?  It gives us so much purpose.  I'm especially grateful to have the knowledge of the Atonement.  I was talking with another missionary that was struggling a few weeks back about the Atonement.  She shared with me later how much her testimony had grown after calling upon the powers of the Atonement while on her mission.  When times get tough, we can always rely on the Savior to pick us up.

I love getting everyone's emails and hearing about their missionary efforts!  You are so inspiring!  Keep up the great work and continue to share your experiences!  This work is changing the kingdom of God!

I love you all!  Have a great week!

Sister Jensen

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