Monday, May 13, 2013

6th Letter "It's Official"

Hello Family and Friends!

Happy Birthday mom and Weston!  (and Mother's Day!)  I love you both so much!  Have a great Birthday week :)
I'm finally in the field!  I'm now serving in the Washington Spokane Mission.  It's so beautiful here!  I love it!  Thank you Lesa and Ron for the packages!  And everyone else for the letters and e-mails!  I'm trying to write ya'll back, but I can't promise I'll always be this good at writing.  Be sure to include my first name on all letters and packages.  There are apparently 3 Sister Jensen's here.  Crazy!
Walking through the SLC Airport Monday morning was literally a dream come true.  I love sporting the tag and talking to people about the church.  On my flight from Oakland to Spokane, I sat between 2 very nice ladies. Terry and Karina.  Karina and I hit it off right away.  She has a faith in Jesus Christ and was leaving for a mission trip the next day.  We had a great conversation about the church and I gave her a picture of Jesus Christ.  She was so happy!  Terry didn't care to know much about the church, so I was just friendly to her.  At the end of the flight, I gave them each a Book of Mormon with my testimony inside and a pass-along card.  Karina hugged me!!!  She was so grateful.  She has been so prepared to hear the message of the Restored gospel!  I'm going to try and e-mail her this week.  Terry accepted it and said she would take a look at it.  I think she mostly accepted it out of obligation because I was so nice to her haha.  Convert with kindness!

My companion is really great!  Her name is Sister Robinson and she is originally from London, England and moved to Ohio when she was 12.  She is a great trainer and we're having a lot of success here.  Her accent is difficult to understand sometimes.  For instance, I asked her if she had an apostle when she was in the MTC and she thought I said "parcel" (a.k.a. another word for package).  She send her mom tried to send her one but it was too late.  I just kind of laughed to myself.  It's fun being her companion.  We are sweeping the area together and that's been challenging because our area covers the entire stake because we serve in the Shawnee YSA Ward.  We love the area and the people are very kind to us.  We live in a basement apartment (kind of) and the owners were out of town for the past couple days so we watched their dog Kula. Kula is pretty old and smelly and helpless, but that's what makes him so cute I think haha.  His owner left instructions of what to do if Kula died while they were gone and who to call to get him cremated!!!  I took a picture of the note, I thought it was so funny.  It was very detailed haha.  

The funny note

We already have 2 investigators!  Isaiah and Audrey.  Isaiah has been working with the Elders for quite some time now.  He is graduating from high school this year and said he is struggling with some spiritual battles.  We are trying to help him feel the spirit and recognize that Christ can help him overcome these battles.  It's tough though because he has to want it too.  Audrey is a referral!  We LOVE referrals!  She is just curious about our church, but if we can help her fell the Spirit, I know we can get her to progress towards baptism.  I extended the baptismal invitation to both of them this week and they both said yes!  Hopefully we'll have them both on date this week.

I have so much more I want to share, but I'm already out of e-mail time!  I want you all to know that I love my Savior.  Everyday is so hard, yet so joyful!  I find my self repeating in my head often, "I love my Savior.  I love my Savior.  I love my Savior."  He is the reason I am here.  I've also developed a greater love for the scriptures.  I love reading my scriptures everyday and marking them up.  I treasure this opportunity that I have to serve.  Thank you for your prayers.  I love you all!

Sister Hayley Jensen

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