Monday, June 10, 2013

Strict Obedience

Strict obedience.  A lot of mission rules are kind of silly, but it is so important to be strictly obedient.  I've been striving really hard to be the most obedient missionary.  The best way to do that, is to just have fun with it.  For example: One of the mission rules (for missionaries with cars) is that we need to stand behind the car and back out the other missionary.  You can only imagine how ridiculous and strange we look to people sometimes.  I think it's so great!  Most companionships avoid parking in spots where they will need their companion to back them up, but Sister Robinson and I look for opportunities so that I CAN back her up.  People give us the weirdest looks!  I'm probably the strangest companion she has ever had, but she also told me this week that I'm her favorite companion so far so that's a good sign!  We are both hoping that we don't get transferred.  We are really loving our ward right now and we get along great with one another.

Another funny happened a couple days ago when we went to visit a less active.  He is the same less active that came to church last week for the first time in 15 years!  When we knocked on his door, his uncle answered and the 3 little dogs were barking a lot.  Then we watched the uncle kick the dogs inside and growl at them!  Then his uncle came outside and started talking to us.  The less active came outside shortly after and his uncle was like "Are these the good looking Sisters that you were talking about?"  AWKWARD!  I've gotten pretty good at deflecting awkward comments on the mission, so I was like, "Alright so how did ya like church?"  He said he really enjoyed it and that he will come again next week.  We are going to try and find some friends in the ward for him so he starts coming to church with them instead of coming for the Sister missionaries!

We had a miracle this week with our less active named Vicky.  We started out going to the area we had planned for that day, until we realized had driven way far south.  Both of us weren't paying attention so we decided that we go visit Vicky.  We thought, maybe the Spirit is leading us farther south for a reason?  When we arrived at Vicky's, we knocked on the door and they said she wasn't home.  A little discouraged, we started driving away and as we were leaving we took a couple wrong turns and drove past Vicky!  She was on her way home from her friend's house.  We pulled over and starting talking to her and found out that she had been having the worst day.  Her pregnant sister was in the hospital and she had just been told that she was going to lose her baby.  Vicky was so sad.  We hugged and cried and I shared a few scriptures with her.  Vicky told us that she knew God loved her because He sent us to her that day.  This is physical proof of God's love for us.  We spoke with a man this week that told us he believed in dirt.  He said that he needs that facts and the science to believe in something.  That made me so sad.  There is so much proof that there is a God!  Look at all the miracles!  I see miracles on a daily basis.  Some are big and some are small, but I know God's hand is a part of every miracle.

Even Nephi recognized the tender mercies in his life. (1 Nephi 1:20).  Stop for a moment and recognize all the little miracles God blesses you with this week.  It will make you happy.  I love being a missionary because I feel like I get to see so many miracles!  He truly loves us.

Have a happy week everyone!

Sister Jensen

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  1. Perfect obedience. I know you will be able to happily accomplish that and help others be happy to be perfectly obedient too. xoxo