Monday, August 26, 2013

The Book of Mormom

The smashed cockroach
It's been another great week here in Boa Vista!  The other day I had my first frightening interaction with a cockroach.  Most of the time we've had to sweep little baby ones out of our house, but this guy was HUGE!!  Our initial reaction was to run out of the house, then we decided we better brave and go in to kill it.  I grabbed an old nasty book and Sister Crane threw it right on top of him.  Then I stomped on the book for a good five minutes until we were sure he was dead.  Oh my heck, he was big!
This week and every week Sister Crane and I like to find a reason to make brigadeiro.  It's a delicious chocolate that they make here a lot and it is wayyy too easy to make.  This week we made it for Dennis's baptism and poured it all over a chocolate cake.  I have never been so excited for someone to get baptized.  All week long we've had awesome lessons with Dennis and he told us everyday this week that he is ready for baptism.  He is really smart too!  He was basically teaching us all the commandments.  The only commandment that really got him was the Word of Wisdom.  He drinks coffee sometimes, but after we explained the commandment he started telling us about how bad coffee is for our heart and our brain.  Then Saturday came rolling around and Dennis was late to his baptism interview.  Sister Crane and I went out looking for him and found him in an internet cafe near the church.  When I asked him if he was ready, he just shook his head.  My heart sank. 
Hayley's apartment in Boa Vista
Dennis started to tell us that he didn't feel ready for baptism and that he wants to learn more.  He could tell that we were so sad.  And he felt bad because he kept apologizing to us.  They warned us in the MTC that we would have investigators that would break our hearts, but I guess I never truly understood what that meant until Saturday.  It's the first time I've wanted to cry since being in Brazil.  It's hard to see someone with so much potential almost to the gate of baptism...chickening out last minute because Satan got the better of him.  I've prayed for him, taught him and I've grown to love him since being here.  It makes my heart sad just thinking about it.  We will continue to meet with him, but I have a fear that Dennis will become an eternal investigator. 
A week ago we tracked into the home of a women near our new chapel.  Her name is Nicilene.  We taught her the Restoration and she let us come back to teach her husband too.  When we returned, her husband (Jonas) received us really well and they both seemed excited to come to church.  I usually don't speak much in our lessons, but I said something that must have touched Jonas because he said, "Yeah, what she said was really good".  They both excepted baptism, now we just have to get them to church. 
Hayley's kitchen

 I must have experienced the gift of interpretation of tongues or something because i understood way more than I usually do during sacrament meeting.  I've been praying so hard lately that the language will come a little faster and I feel like it's finally starting to come!  Also, this week I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time on my mission.  I love taking the opportunity to practice what I preach on my mission because it always strengthens my testimony so much more.  At the conclusion of Moroni 10, I took some time to ponder about the Book of Mormon.  Then I asked God if it was true.  I didn't receive any grand answer from heaven or a sign, but I felt in my heart that the Book of Mormon is true.
Now stop what you are doing right now and watch this video: (you may need to copy and paste this url into your browser)

I add my testimony to his.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he truly saw God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  I'm eternally grateful for the Book of Mormon and it's power and influence in my life.  I don't think I really understood the power of this book until I served a mission.  It works hand in hand with the Bible.  It is another testament of Jesus Christ.  It was saved for our day, because God loves His children the same yesterday, today and forever.  I know this to be true, because I have felt the Spirit confirm it in my heart.  I'm so grateful for this book.  It is, as Jeffery R. Holland said, "safety for the soul".  I hope all who read this, will also read the Book of Mormon and gain a testimony for themselves. 
I love you all.  Have a great week!
Sister Jensen

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