Friday, April 19, 2013

3rd letter "We had an Apostle visit this week!"


Another excellent week in the MTC!  Thanks everyone for the e-mails and letters: Dad, Mom, Abby, Kelley, Mat, Kristie, Christy, Jane, LuLu, Nick, Katie, Kathleen and anyone else I may be forgetting.  Thanks mom and Christy for package!  Sorry if I'm missing anyone or double thanked anyone.  It's so hard to keep track!

I'm now in my fourth week at the Provo MTC.  Unreal.  Time flies when you're a missionary.  This morning our district went to the temple and it was great.  I love living close to the temple.  Always take advantage of the closeness of our temples.  We are so blessed.  I love being a missionary!  Sometimes, I forget I'm actually in Provo.  I'll walk outside and I'm like "Wait, we're in Provo?!"  I'm so tuned out of the world.  What's going on anyway?  It's amazing how we intertain ourselves in here.  This week our Elders had fun tossing candy around the classroom.  We toss candy at them and they love catching it their mouths.  The Elders are like our District pets!!!  We feed them candy, they do cool tricks, we scold them when they get out of's fun.  Makes me miss my dog haha.  I'm just teasing, our Elders are great!!!  Each night we share our highlights from the day. (Sister Prater's idea...LOVE HER!)   Last P day one Elder said his highlight was seeing the Sisters in white at the temple.  They tell us all the time how much they admire our decision to serve.  For them it's a Priesthood duty, for the Sisters it's a choice.  I'm really grateful for my district.

We had a cool devotional this week with Greg Droubay (Director of Media-Missionary Department).  He began by showing us all that the church is doing to spread the word about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Have you heard of the "I'm a Mormon" campaign?  Go to  The church purchased several electronic bill board displays in Time Square last Christmas that displayed the true meaning of Christmas along with the logo "".  It is also very exciting in England right now.  The "tube" and several tunnels, taxis, and buses are completely covered with "I'm a Mormon" ads.  God is truly hastening His work.  Never pass an opportunity to share the gospel.  There are many prepared to hear the fullness of the gospel.  Help the missionaries in your ward find people to teach.

We got an apostle this week!!!  Richard G. Scott came Tuesday night and it was pretty amazing.  I wish I could write everything he said, but I'll share my favorites.  He said that our choice to be a missionary will bless us eternally.  He said that everything good that has come of his life is a direct result of his mission.  I love this!  Missions are truly the refiner's fire.  I'm humbled on a daily basis.  It is so easy to feel completely inadequate here, but according to Elder Scott, the Lord didn't call us to fail, he called us to succeed.  I'm grateful that Heavenly Father allows me to struggle, before He picks me back up.

He spent most of his time talking about prayer.  He said learn how to pray on your mission.  Pour out your heart to your Heavenly Father.  This reminded me of a quote I really love:

"Of all the titles of respect and honor and admiration that are given to Deity, He has asked us to address Him as Father"

-Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

He wants to hear from us because He is our loving Heavenly Father.  Elder Scott then closed by saying "I know Christ lives because I know Him".  He left us with a special Apostolic blessing that we would master our foreign languages and that we'd be richly blessed for our service.  It was so powerful. I know this church is true.  My heart is full of gratitude for the opportunity to serve Him.  Sometimes I wish my family was here so badly.  I yearn for you to hear the words of these speakers and feel what I'm feeling.  There is no place like the MTC.  Rumor has it we are getting another General Authority this Sunday!  So excited.

Thanks for the letters!  Alli, I hope you got mine.  Mom never told me that you did.  If so, I expect one stat Miss!
Eu amo voces!

Tchau!  Tchau! 

Sister Jensen

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