Monday, February 17, 2014


 Boa Tarde!

Every week passes by so fast!  I'm already in the final week of the transfer.  It blows my mind!  I love my area so much!  In 6 weeks the work has picked up so fast.  I'm a constant witness of so many miracles.  First of all, this week we had 11 investigators show up to church!  11!  And several less actives.  The majority of investigators were brought to church because of our members.  I can see that our members are gaining more confidence in us and that makes me so happy!  I can't leave this area!
One investigator that came to church was someone the Elders found in England then passed the referral to us.  We have been teaching him and he has many doubts, but I think his bigger problem is his lack of commitment.  After teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ I invited him to come to church.  He said what a lot of people say here, "If God will want"...translates funny in english, but you get it.  I looked at him directly and said, "You will be there Sunday" and smiled.  Needless to say, he came Sunday.  I think I always want to be a missionary...I love the power and authority of the calling I have.  It seriously works miracles.

Another miracle this week was with a woman that stopped us on the street.  (I don't know why, but nowadays our investigators are finding us before we find them).  She said, "I want to understand the word of God.  Can you come teach me?"  We went by her house yesterday and she had her preacher show on as she was cleaning the kitchen.  We said a prayer and afterwards she told us about her life.  She is a really sweet humble old lady.  A widow of 14 years that never had suficient education to learn how to read.  She got really emtional and said, "I'm looking for a renovation, or in other words a rebirth".  We then taught her the gospel of Christ and explained that baptism is what we call a rebirth in the church.  I spiritual rebirth.  We told her she could be baptized and she was sooo happy!  

Another cool experience was with our investigator Bruno.  He is living with a less active and we taught him for the 3rd time this week.  We also invited them to get married, but of everyone else that want to wait several months. :(  At the end of the lesson I testified of the love our Heavenly Father has for them and that I loved them too and they both started to cry.  The Spirit was strong and they could feel His love.  

That is what the gospel of Jesus Christ does.  It allows us to feel His love more abundantly in our lives.  It allows us to share with others.  I'm grateful everyday for the blessings I'm receiving and I'm trying my best to deserve the blessings I'm receiving but I think it's almost impossible.  I love that we call Him Heavenly "Father" because I really do feel like He is looking after me and protecting me like a father would.  I love this work.  The church is true.

Seja feliz e ajuda alguém esta semana :)

Com amor,
Sister Jensen

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