Monday, March 17, 2014

Don't forget to laugh!

Bom Dia!

Winter in Manaus is ending because everyday we are getting less and less rain!  I never thought I would miss the rain like I do right now.  It's freaking hot!  

This week was tiring, but really awesome.  We had a leadership meeting with President Klein and a division with the Sisters in our zone.  I learned a lot and witnessed a lot of miracles.  One miracle this week was with a man we found on the street named Marcos.  He works as a Moto Taxi and called us over to come talk to him.  Honestly, I thought to myself,  "Not again".  Because this week we have received a lot of unwanted attention from men.  On one hand we can laugh because some of them are crazy, but on the other hand it leaves me feeling sad.  Unfortunately not everyone will take our work seriously.  Mostly, because they don't understand.  So we started talking with Marcos and I was surprised that his first question was about baptism!  We talked a little, but we had to leave quickly for another appointment.  When we returned yesterday he was at home!  We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and he just wanted to hear about baptism.  At the end of the lesson, we didn't even need to invite him.  He said, "I know that I want to be baptized in your church.  I don't know why I'm making this decision now becaue many churches have already invited me to be baptized, but I feel that I should be baptized in this church".  It is amazing to me how the Spirit works within us.  He was feeling the Spirit, but could not explain it.  I know Heavenly Father prepared Marcos a long time to receive the restored gospel.  He is suficiently humble and willing to obey.  He will be baptized Sunday!

Another miracle was with our recent convert Lucas.  He is only 11 years old.  This Sunday he caught a bus and came to church by himself because his grandparents weren't feeling good.  What 11 year old does that?  I don't know 17 year olds that do that!  He comes from a really humble family and still doesn't have good sunday clothes.  My goal is to see him in a white shirt and tie before I get transfered because by the end of the year he will be passing the sacrament.  I like to imagine him being a great missionary some day!

Finally, this week we taught a less active and her sister Cristiane.  Cristiane lost her husband in a car accident 4 months ago and it is still really hard for her.  We started teaching the Plan of Salvation but realized this lesson was not right for her in that moment.  We then started talking about the Atonement.  At the end of the lesson, I felt impressed to share my experience when I was saying goodbye to my family in the airport.  Just before I entered, my mom called my name one more time.  The last thing she said to me was, "Hayley, don't forget to laugh".  She knew that I was about to leave for a good long time and that I was going to experience hard things.  Is it possible that it was the same experience with our Heavenly Father?  Just before we passed the veil of forgiveness, is it possible that he said, "Don't forget to laugh", "Don't forget to follow my Son", "Don't forget to be an example to your siblings", "Don't forget to come home to me."  

He gave is only perfect Son to die for us, to suffer like no other so that we could have eternal life.  I think then it is simple to do as He ask in the scriptures, to offer a sacrifice of a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  To repent and be baptized so that we can return to His presence.  It is simple.  I love the simplicity of the gospel.  I love the time I've had to share this message with others.  I'm sweaty, exhausted, a little achy, but I've never been happier.  And I have never forgotten to laugh.

I love you all soooo much!  Have a great week and don't forget to laugh!

Sister Jensen

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