Monday, March 31, 2014

Marriage and Baptism

My computer is failing me today so it will be a short one.  I've had a really great week here!  We finally finished our last exchange of the transfer!  The Sisters forgot to get more mattresses so we put 2 mattresses together and slept all 4 very close.  Today we went to Centro and I bought new sandals because my chacos finally bit the dust.  While we were there, I heard someone laugh really loud and it sounded like Sister Prater.  Turns out that it was Sister Prater!  She looks so Brazilian!  Seriously, everything she was wearing today she bought in Brazil.  She is so funny.
Erika's wedding and baptism week!
This week we were able to witness the marriage and baptism of Erika!  She has been taught by Sister missionaries for almost a year now and finally she was married and baptized this week.  It was really special.  Although the marriage was civil, I could feel the spirit because she was finally keeping this important commandment.  There were many non-members there too that stuck around to watch her baptism.  During the meeting I kept thinking, "Wow, there are soooo many non-members here...we need to teach something!"  Then the idea came to teach the Restoration while she changed her clothes.  Sister Freitas liked the idea so we grabbed the pamphlet and started teaching.  A few people were obviously not interested, but others listen very carefully.  The Spirit was very strong as I recited the First Vision and I knew everyone was feeling it.  It is one of those sacred moments on the mission when you know that you are teaching with power and authority.

As I studied Preach My Gospel this week I learned something interesting about my calling.  I learned that I received my authority when I was set apart, but I earn my power when I serve my mission diligently and obediently.  This really touched me and motivated me to work even harder.

I'm so excited for General Conference this week!  We should all make the effort to listen to Conference with spiritual ears and with questions we want answered.  As I've done this on the mission, Heavenly Father has not failed me.  I always receive my answer.  The leaders of the church were called of God and they will teach us with power and authority.  We will be motivated to change, and we will change.

I love you all.  Have a great conference week!

Sister Jensen

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