Monday, April 14, 2014

Feliz Páscoa!

It's been another awesome week here!  I love my area so much!  It has been getting better and better every week here.  This transfer we are working really hard to bring less actives back to activity and to retain those we've already baptized.  Our Mission Presdient has asked for 50% of our time to be spent doing work like this.  Amazingly enough, this is something we have already been doing.  I love working with less actives and recent converts.  They bring me the most joy because they are the members that are repenting and changing the most!  And always always always, we some how manage to find someone that needs to bebaptized when we do this kind of work.  It's incredible.
This week we were able to baptize Michel!  He was our athiest investigator that turned into a Mormon.  That is a mission first!  He has progressed so much the past 3 weeks.  I truely believe that he was athiest only because he hadn't found the true church yet.  He loves church because he feels good there.  He loves the hymns and enjoys the reverence. (Most churches here are super loud with bands and yelling).  He is really interested in having an eternal family one day.  His baptism was really special.  He brought his cousin with him to watch the baptism.  Right before the meeting started we noticed a dead cockroach in the font.  Ew!  We tried to descretly close the font doors to fish him out before Michel could see.  It was kind of funny because the RM that was going to baptized though it was a fish.

The next day Michel came to church in the standard white shirt and slacks and he brought his family with him.  It was a testimony meeting and the spirit was strong.  Many investigators were there to listen.  Michel was confirmed and so was Luis Fernando.  Luis Fernando is learning portuguese really quickly because he is reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese.  This week we taught him about the priesthood and I told him that if he prepares well, he could baptize his family when they arrive from Colombia.  His face lit up and he was so excited!  It's amazing the number of people that don't know their  own potential.  I'm grateful that Heavenly Father has used me to help people understand who they can become.

I really love my mission.  I learn something new everyday.  Sometimes from the scriptures, other times from investigators and sometimes members teach me something new.  I love what one member said this week to us.  He said, "After your mission, just when you think Heavenly Father has forgotten you, another blessing comes.  You dedicated 18 months to 2 years to serve Him.  That is not something that Heavenly Father forgets."  I know that is true!  I'm so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ.  I'm grateful that He lives!  He overcame death so that we could too.  But more importantly, He overcame spiritual death.  A blessing that is conditional acording to our obedience and application of the Atonement.  I hope that this Easter season we can remember more clearly what He taught us.  I hope we can remember that He is real and really loves us.  I know this is true.  I love His true and LIVING church.  Have a Happy Easter!


Sister Jensen

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