Monday, April 21, 2014

Source of Joy

Drenched by the rain
It has been another wonderful week!  My greatest source of joy has been because of our investigator Michel.  He is progressing so well and so fast.  Last Monday we had a FHE with a family in the ward and Michel.  Michel shared his testimony with them about how he was converted.  He talked about the Book of Mormon and his prayer.  He said that when we had found him, he was depressed and uninterested in God, but when he prayed, he felt something.  He felt light, happiness and hope.  He couldn't explain the feeling, but we all understood.  In the same FHE the head of the household gave him 2 ties and Michel was really excited.  He likes wearing his church clothes because I think it makes him feel special.  We planned to take him to the temple this next Saturday to walk around and take pictures.  He asked if he could wear his church clothes. :)
Yesterday we went to visit him after church and when we arrive he was watching last October's conference in English (he speaks English fluently).  We are so impressed with him.  He then started showing us pictures of all the temples in the world because now he is obessed with temples.  He made us swear to him that we would return to watch his sealing one day.  This week he will receive the Preisthood and we don't want to delay much longer to teach his family because they really like the changes they are seeing in Michel.  His cousin and her family are going to a church called Restoration.  Funny huh?  It is a huge church that many go to.  When people tell me that they go to the church Restoration, I love saying "Oh perfect!  We have a message about that!"
The other highlight of my week was the baptism of William.  He is the son of our investigator Jacqueline that we have been teaching for centuries!  When we went over there Saturday  to confirm plans with William, Sister Freitas and I were worried that many people wouldn't be able to watch the baptism.  Everyone is traveling because of the holiday.  When we got to their house, Jacqueline was really torn apart because of many things.  She has been through so much in her life and the trials never seem to stop.  She has a strong desire to be baptized but needs to repent and get married first.  It's hard to see her struggle.  A friend of hers sent some anti-Mormon material and told her not to let William get baptized.  But of course, she cannot deny the way she feels.  The spirit is stronger then any anti-mormon youtube garbage.  She said, "Even though I'm getting trial after trial, I cannot give up because I feel like I'm so close to my blessing".  I've learned so much with my investigators.  Jacqueline is a woman with a lot of faith and hope for the future.  Sister Freitas and I both felt that we should not cancel the baptism and reschedule for the next day, so we baptized him that night.

It was a beautiful baptism.  Few people showed up, but the few that did gave a lot of support.  Jacqueline was taking pictures at every frame of Jesus in the chapel.  Their only request was that I make cookies that I had been promising them.  While the tank was filling I whipped up some cookies and William was interviewed.  It was a really special moment.  After his baptism, William told us that he was nervous because he was feeling different.  He said, "I feel light."  We explained the feeling to him and he started to cry.  The next day he was confirmed and that afternoon he went out with us to teach his friends.

I'm amazed everyday by the miracles I see.  I know that because of the gospel of Jesus Christ we can experience true happiness.  In this world, everything is short term.  Everything dies, but those that live in the next life will live because of Christ.  Because of His sacrifice for us and because He overcame death.  I love this new video:

Christ lives!  He loves us and He is real.  I love Him.

Sister Jensen

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