Monday, July 14, 2014

I got "THE CALL" this week!

I got "THE CALL" this week.  The Elder in the mission office asked me what airport I wanted to fly into.  For a minute I felt really happy and excited, then a wave of sadness came over me with the realization that I really am almost done.  Just thinking about it makes me real sad.  But don't get me wrong, I'm really excited to come home to ya'll.  That will be a happy day too!

This week was an exciting week because I got to play with a monkey!  That's right, there is a house in my area that has a pet monkey named chico and he is super cute and fun to play with.  He likes stealing our name tags and picking bugs out of our hair.  I'll send ya photos of him.

Also, I'm sure you all heard that Germany won the World Cup.  They also killed Brasil in the semi-finals.  It was embarrassing.  4 goals in 6 minutes.  We didn't even feel like watching the second half.  Sad day in the history of Brazilian futbol.

This week we started teaching a woman named Raquel.  I LOVE teaching her.  She is super smart and knows the Bible really well.  At first, that intimidated me, but after about 3 lessons with her she could not deny it.  Our most powerful lesson was when we talked about the Plan of Salvation.  She loves the emphasis the church has on the family and she especially loved learning about  the 3 Kingdoms of Glory.  She said, "That makes so much sense.  I've always believed in a merciful God, not a God that would send so many children to hell".  I told her my take on hell.  That hell would be where my family is not, and that is why we seal our families for time and all eternity.  I also told her that God would not make a plan that wouldn't bring home a majority of His children.  This plan is meant to work.  Then I bore testimony of the pre-existence.  I said, "Raquel, is it possible that we knew each other there?  Is it possible that you and I both knew that I would teach you these things here on the Earth?"  Then Raquel started to cry.  The spirit was way strong and we know that she knows that it is true.  Our only conflict is that she isn't married and her husband wants nothing to do with the church.  We hope that she will be able to get baptized and that he will soften his heart.

While we were teaching her this week, Jobson, our most recent convert would play with the other youth in the chapel.  One day he asked, "What do you guys do in the room?"  And we said, "Remember when we taught you before your baptism?  We are teaching this woman the same things."  Then he said, "Well does she know yet?"  
"Know what?" 
"Does she know that it is all true?"
I thought that was so precious of him to say.  "Does she know yet?"  Jobson is 12 years old and was only confirmed a member yesterday, but he knows the truth.  We can know the truth.  When he was confirmed, the Priesthood holder blessed him to serve a full-time mission.  When Jobson was being interviewed before his baptism the Elder asked, "How many people do you want to help?"  And Jobson said, "One thousand".  

Is it possible that Jobson's baptism changed generations?  YES!  Just imagine the difference one baptisam makes!  Not only generation in front, but everyone behind also.  This week we invited all our members to invite a friend to church for Sunday July 20th.  I invite everyone that reads this letter to invite a friend to church too!  Not only will the missionaries in your ward LOVE you, but you will allow your friend to feel the sweet spirit we feel every sunday at church.

I love you all.  Thanks for your letters and prayers.  The church is true.  Share the gospel!

Sister Jensen

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