Monday, June 2, 2014

Exchanges in Parintins!

This week was so awesome!  First of all, it was decided that we can watch the World Cup!  There are 3 big games that Brasil will play in and we get to watch them.  If Brasil enters the second phase, we will discuss what we will watch or not watch.  I think it will be a fun way to bring investigators and members together.  I can feel the excitement for the World Cup just walking down the streets.  Everyone is repainting their houses in the colors of Brasil and putting up streamers on the electrical wirers.  A little dangerous, but it looks cool!  I will take pictures for ya.
I also got back this week from our exchange in Parintins.  I loved Parintins!  I want to finish my mission there.  24 hours was not enough time to get to know the island, but it was enough time to teach the people.  I  worked with Sister Nina from Bolivia. We taught a deaf girl and it was the first time on the mission I've done that.  But mostly, we taught the deaf girl's mom because her mom didn't want to let her get baptized.  In the beginning the mom was rough with us, but she invited us in and we taught the plan of salvation.  The spirit was strong and she changed during the lesson.  I love seeing what the spirit can do to people to change their hearts.  On the way home we were hungry and we wanted to eat at a little place close to home, but the power was out so we resolved to eat at another little restaurant.  We started talking with the girl that worked there as she studied for her driver's test.  We taught her the Restoration and she wanted to be baptized.  The Spirit was strong again in this lesson and at the end I felt prompted to telll her that God made the power go out so that we could find her.  At the end we said a prayer and literally at the end of the prayer, the power came back.  I looked at her and Sister Nina and we all knew that it was true.  I'm anxious to call the Sisters today to see how her progress is.

We got home this week Wednesday night and started working in our area again thursday.  We felt like we passed a lot of time out of our area.  We began to fast thursday for our investigator that will get married.  Her mom didn't like the idea of marriage, but the miracle is they will get married anyways.  This might be the first time on my mission I have seen a couple firm in their decision together.  I explained to them that marriage and baptism are only steps that we are helping them make so that they can reach the real goal: Exaltation.  The woman is a member so she already has an understanding of these things.  We are super happy with them and we are excited to start their papers this wednesday. 

That same night we met a young man named Zequias and his friend Jefferson who says he is a member.  We met them right before the lesson with the couple that will get married and they waited to for us outside the entire lesson.  The next day we returned to teach them.  We taught Zequias (19 years old) and his brother Eziquiel (21 years old).  they listened closely to every word we spoke about baptism and the Resoration.  At the end Zequias said, "Well, I guess we need to be baptized again".  The day before his baptism we talked more about the plan of salvation and Eziquiel wanted to know about marriage in the church.  So we started to talk about the temple.  Every time I talk about the temple on the mission, and people are listening, the Spirit is always strong.  Then Zequias said, "It is so strange that you both came from so far away to the small city Itacoatiara to teach us about the gospel.  I feel like God sent you guys here to save us."  That night Sister Tancara and I walked home in tears.  I thought back to the question, "who saves who?"  I even doubted this last week, "How will we baptize this week with just a few days left?"  But Heavenly Father proved again that He is working along with us.  Sunday was Zequias's baptism.  He was so happy and Eziquiel is excited to be baptized next Saturday.

I know that this is the true church.  I'm grateful for the Spirit to confirm the truth to the people I teach.  I have a strengthened testimony of fasting and that when we fast we can receive special blessings, and Heavenly Father wants to bless us.  Thanks for your letters and support.  I love you all!

Sister Jensen

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