Monday, June 16, 2014

Marriage Civil vs. Eternal

Hello Family!

This week I watched the first Brasil game for the World Cup!  It felt weird watching's been such a long time!  And as we all know, Brasil won!  Seriously, the city shook when they scored.  it's fun watching the game in the country.  This week I was walking on the bridge (we have a great network of bridges in a part of our area because the water from the river flooded the houses) and we saw a group of men grilling a turtle...I think that is something I'm not willing to try.  EW!

This week we baptized Zequias's brother Eziquiel and it was really special.  We could tell that he felt different.  The day before his baptism we had his interview and the Elder was delaying to arrive, so I took out my dice (I walk with 2 dice) and we played that dice game with the youth.  Remember that dice game that Aunt Christy taught us?  Where if you role 7, 11, or doubles you get to start writing numbers until you reach 100?  Well everyone loved it.  Days later they were still talking about that game.  There is nothing to do here in Itacoatiara, literally nothing, so they really liked learning a new game.  Last week they also start rehearsing to dance in a branch activity next week.  the dance is called Quadrilia I think.  It was really fu nto watch every happy and dancing.  It also called the attention of many non-members.  I will try and record the dance for ya.

This week we had the wedding of Lorencio and Carla!!!!  They were married really fast and there were at least 15 other couples present in their wedding.  They said, "john, will you marry sara.  and sara will you marry john" and went down the list.  Afterwards he said, "okay you all are married now" and everyone was like, "WHAT?!"  Although it was a happy day for them, I could not stop thinking about hiow happy they will be the day they enter the temple.  Because the truth is civil marriages are until death do you part.  God wants eteral marriages.  He doesn't want us individually, but as a family.  I love His plan!  Saturday Lorencio was baptized and Carla was so happy.  Although she is less active, she has a strong testimony of the temple and they are preparing to go there a year from now.

I don't have much time to write today, but I want you to know that I know the church is true.  The church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints is for the sick and the weary, not for the strong and obedient, but certainly that is the purpose of our church attendance.  Let us refrain from judgement and learn to love how the Savior taught us.  Let us pray to have more charity.  I love this gospel.  I love my savior Jesus Christ.

Have a great week!  And happy late Father's Day dad!  

Sister Jensen

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